Dipole Antenna - LWA Project at night under the California skyline.

The Owens Valley LWA Dipole Antenna Project at Night – Photo Credit: Gregg Hallinan

At our offshore manufacturing facilities, Burns Industries produces a variety of antennas, both passive and active. We can assist in antenna design or build to your specifications. Burns Industries is capable of building quantities from prototype to high-volume. Our offshore partners have extensive antenna testing facilities, allowing us to develop and reliably produce antennas fine-tuned to meet your requirements. Contact us to discuss your custom needs.

Burns Industries can supply various types of antennas:

From a simple dipole antenna for Wi-Fi applications to low-frequency dipole antennas for radio astronomy, Burns Industries is equipped to manufacture your product.

Burns Industries has experience in manufacturing custom antennas for a wide variety of applications. We can design an antenna tailored to fit your specific requirements with manufacturability in mind. Our engineers can develop cost-effective solutions to meet your needs when it comes to customization. We are equipped with network analyzers and anechoic chambers to test […]