RF Cable

RF cable

Since 1998, Burns Industries has supplied a broad range of RF cables for commercial and military applications. We can produce coax cables from DC to 20 GHz. With our facility in Nashua, NH, and our offshore manufacturing facilities, we can build production runs of RF cables from prototype to high volume. We have automated equipment for the measuring, cutting, and stripping of coaxial cable, and a variety of network analyzers that can test up to 20 GHz. Our ability to source equivalent cable and connectors from our offshore manufacturing facility gives us a competitive advantage when it comes to cost. Burns Industries’ RF cables can be found in products ranging from cell phones to radio telescopes. We produce flexible, semi-rigid, rigid, and phase matched coax cables.

We can supply custom RF cables for:

  • Custom box builds
  • Military applications
  • Commercial applications
  • Antennas
  • Wireless products